Q. What is InterMiles?
A: InterMiles is one of the most rewarding Travel & Lifestyle programmes you will ever need. The currency of this programme is also called InterMiles. At InterMiles every mile count, so the more InterMiles you accumulate the higher your Tier and the more your Tier benefits. So, move up with every Swipe! Accumulate InterMiles faster by booking flights & hotels with us or by earning miles with over 150+ partners in the InterMiles program. Also, you can use your InterMiles everywhere – Redeem your InterMiles for flight tickets across any airline, for your hotel stays, free fuel or for thousands of merchandise options on our Reward Store!
Q. What benefits do I get on InterMiles Co-brand Credit card?
A: Your credit cards now come packed with benefits like Tier match, Discount on Flights and Hotels, accelerated earnings on Flights, Hotels, Discounts on Etihad economy and business class apart from Lounge access, Movie ticket vouchers etc. Please check our card variants and benefits associated with each variant on https://cards.intermiles.com/
Q. When will I get a new InterMiles Co-brand Credit Card?
A: If you have an existing Jet Privilege or Jet Airways card, it would be replaced with the new InterMiles card. You can contact your bank to know the status of your new InterMiles Co-brand credit card.
Q. I want to apply for an InterMiles credit card. How do I apply for one?
A: Our banking partners will initiate issuance of new cards soon. You can drop a mail on memberservices@intermiles.com with your contact details and preferred card. Also, keep checking the Cards section on InterMiles.com for regular updates.
Q.If I am Jet Privilege / Jet Airways card holder, do I need to enrol again into the InterMiles Program?
A: All the members who are enrolled into the Jet Privilege program are now InterMiles members by default. You do not need to enrol again into the InterMiles Program.
Q. What happens to my accumulated JPMiles with new InterMiles Co-brand credit card and program?
A: Your miles are now called InterMiles. All your accumulated miles will continue being available to you, just as they are, without any change in your InterMiles account.
Q. I used to get Tier Points on my credit card spends which enabled me to get a higher tier. Do I still earn Tier Points on credit card spends?
A: You no longer need Tier Points to attain / retain a Tier since we have simplified the InterMiles program. You can now attain / retain a tier by accumulating InterMiles. The more you spend, the more InterMiles you will earn, the higher your InterMiles Tier. So, move up with every swipe!
Q. Can my Cobrand card spends help me achieve an InterMiles Tier?
A: Yes! You can now attain / retain a tier by accumulating InterMiles. Your Cobrand card helps you earn additional Miles on every transaction. The more you spend, the more InterMiles you will earn, the higher your InterMiles Tier. So, move up with every swipe!
Q. Do Bonus InterMiles on co brand card account for Tier upgrade?
A: Every mile you earn, now counts towards a tier upgrade.
Q. What about the Jet Airways benefits I have on my card?
A: All the Jet Airways benefits on your Co-brand card now stand suspended and your card now comes with new power packed features.
Q. I have received a VISA variant card in replacement of my Mastercard variant of Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World / Platinum / Titanium co-brand credit card. Does it impact the benefits I used to get with the Mastercard variant?
A: All the benefits which were associated with your Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Mastercard variant are now transferred to the VISA variant.
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